Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Internet and sleep...

Last night I tried putting together the platform for my site so I can build the rest quickly – in time for my ‘launch date’.
It was late and I was tired (and other excuses) – so needless to say, it all fell apart. It was kind of like building with Legos as a kid, only a bit more complicated. However, odd as it may sound... "it was just about as much fun (until it didn't work the way I thought it would)." As long as you are like me and sorta know what you are doing (with the website). I wonder where my Legos are...
Even though I’m not 100% happy with the template (it at least fits what I want to accomplished), it will get me started building the site so all I have to do is switch out the template once I find the better one. So come launch, my site will be Beta 1.0.
On another note... a very gifted/talented/amazing/good/great writer has popped the idea what we write and every Monday trade and provide feedback and hold each other accountable to keep going! I hope I can keep up!

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-KL said...

Geez, I know I'm good, but not THAT good...just kidding, I am that good. =P

It'll be fun. You'll keep me in line. Do you know how many times already this week I've said 'Gee, I should write', and then turned the t.v. on?