Thursday, May 18, 2006

Almost Friday...

I have a pesky little rabbit that likes to eat my grass and make holes in my yard. I chased him a few times last night, he never came back.
(I’ll let the visual set in of me chasing a rabbit around my yard)
Anyway... once again I went to the photo shop over lunch to take the pics that were reversed back to get them reprinted. Now, I will (should) have two versions of my photos, plus I had a few scanned and sent them to a few select individuals. I haven't started shooting my second roll - yet.

Well, I said I’d be launching my new site next Wednesday and that quite isn’t on schedule. If I can knock out a few of my issues (web issues, not personal issues) tonight, I’ll be well on my way to Beta 1.0 and on and on.
(Wouldn't these blogs be boring if I didn't add commentary and jokes and what not in the parenthesis?)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chad, you said you have a rabbit well I have the perfect dog to help you out. She is laying right below my feet. She loves to chase rabbits, now it is getting her to move right now!!! She is so hot and tired. Spent the whole day outside according to my uncle.

Adam said...

Yes. (To your last question.)