Friday, May 19, 2006

Ahhh – the weekend starts at 5...

No, I didn’t get a hammock or a hammock chair, but at least I have my dad’s truck so I can take my bike to the shop and get it fixed for summer.
Tomorrow will be a shout-out to my mom for her bday. Not sure what she wants – she is a simple ‘girl’.
Sunday is Gram’s bday, I think a bunch of my female relatives are all doing girly stuff that day. I’m staying away. She loves flowers, I'll have to send/deliever some!

I have a possible roommate candidate that is going to check out my ‘pad’ – I hope it works out! It was just about a year ago this weekend that I saw my house for the first time. Ahh... memories... I’ll have to review last year’s May blog! (one good thing about having a blog even if no one else cares)

I just signed up for a non-credit writing class at Metro Community College, maybe that is what I need to get going on this never-ending project of book #2. Two Monday night classes in early June!

I’m not a big Will & Grace fan, but enjoyed watching the behind the scenes on their series. The editors did a good job of showing some of the best of the show. Made me wonder if I’d ever want to be a writer on a series. Yeah, maybe... I’d do a drama/comedy like “How I Met your Mother” (duh) or a comedy like "Scrubs" - I don’t think I could write for a crime show or one that gets taped before a live audience. Eric & I talked about doing a sitcom a few times after our first feature film, but didn’t want to devote the time. Now, we have two many projects as RoomMate Productions and separately.

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