Monday, March 06, 2006

Back to the grind...

This weekend was pretty much devoted to the Hot Shops Film Festival where “Silence” was showing. It (Silence) froze on Friday night, played at 10pm Saturday, and to a crowd of 9 on Sunday. I saw some of the other films – some where good, some were pretty odd. I had a chance to see Extreme Films' “Shadow Board” and was very impressed. I forgot I was in it, so to see myself was funny. The awards ceremony is next week. I think Red Frogs’ “Bruised” will win 1st, but if not, maybe “Silence” will!

We (Eric, Adam F., & I) interviewed for a news broadcast again, but not sure when it will show. I hope it broadcasts - I gave them a copy of "Silence" to use in the broadcast.

Work bought everyone a pedometer – even though I have a desk job, I do walk around a bit. More than 3,000 steps so far.

Tonight is “How I Met Your Mother” (new episode) and a 2 hour episode of “24”.

Oh yeah, I did go on that 'date' - but more about that later...

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