Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday night live...

I just got back from Lincoln after a birthday party and dinner with my Grandpa.
I got to Lincoln just in time for some pizza. It was a full house and eventually became fuller with never end kids running around.
If my count is right, there were 7 or 8 kids (not including me) there.

What I learned:
  • My Godson can sleep through a houseful of people including many many kids playing.
  • That Nebraska weather is nuts, it is January 14th and I didn't need my coat.
  • That a dog can wrap himself around a picnic table to the point where he can't move much and is unsure how to unwrap himself.
  • That some toys double as gum ball machines.
  • That my Godson can stare me down and have a perplexed look as if to ask, "And you are who?"
  • That "Uncle Chad" is the "best ever" because he can fix a slinky.
  • That a slinky can double as a power source and a shield at the same time.
  • That one should act quickly when a kid picks up another toy and says, "Let me show you how I broke mine."
  • That my "niece" has another human jungle gyms besides "Uncle Chad".
  • That 'they' make ice cream that tastes like birthday cake.
    I then picked up my Grandpa for dinner at Arby's. We had a good chat about various topics. My Grandma told us not to get into any trouble when we left so I made to that Grandpa & I stayed out of jail.
    Tomorrow is premiere planning, checking out my friends' new house, and more premiere promotions...
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