Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wednesday night in RMP Land...

Another night of RoomMate Productions stuff. Last night, Eric & Adam dropped by RMP Central. Adam reviewed “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs” to look for places to tweak the audio & video. Eric & I sat down to list premiere invites, who gets premiere passes, premiere promotions, and film credits. I’m really looking forward to promoting to the premiere. Once I start thinking about it, ideas never seem to stop. We are scheduled to have five showings. We'll have to pack the place like we did this past January 8th. I'd hate to turn anyone away. lol

Adam Froemming who played ‘Justin’ in “Silence” called me up to see if I’d be interested in helping him take a story he wrote and make a screenplay out of it. I had read the story (currently called, “Pink Moon”) and enjoyed it and I think a good screenplay can come from it. I'll be helping with other various aspects of the film, but not to the extent that I do with RoomMate Productions which will be nice. "Maybe", just 'maybe' I can get back to my #1 passion & finish Left Unsaid.

So this weekend: (this is mainly a list for me when this weekend arrives, but FYI)
  • Premiere planning
  • redesign (always ongoing)
  • "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs" music
  • Sound effects for "Laundromat"
  • Turning “Pink Moon” into a screenplay
  • Send out my Christmas cards
  • Eventually get around to holiday shopping.
    So much for resting this weekend...

    (Enhanced write up of what is going on with RMP)
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