Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The First Annual Family Adventure in Omaha...

For a few months, Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 has been designated as a "Bring Family Day”.
Since Sis is in Florida, the four of us don’t get together often. My job was to pick where we go in Omaha. My sister has only been to my house once and my mom loves to visit and what I have done differently with the place (which usually isn’t much). We left Lincoln (with both cars filled with gifts from family & Santa) and headed to The Big O early Tuesday morning. Our first place was Brother Sebastians for lunch. I’ve heard a lot about the place and was finally able to go. Excellent food and the lunch menu prices were decent. We then took off for Village Point and hit Scooters Coffee house and then Scheels while we waited for our movie, “The Family Stone” to begin. The movie wasn’t too bad, it was a little slow for my taste. We then came back to my house and ordered a pizza after getting some necessities from Hy-Vee. Finally, we went downtown to see the Holiday Lights Festival in Gene Leahy Mall and then a photography gallery in the Old Market.

All in all it was a fun/jam-packed day with the fam and I’m back to the work grind.

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