Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend Update...

Friday night after moving to a new office for the 3rd time to a new cube for the 15th time, Eric & I edited "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs" and then watched Superman I. I remember watching that as a kid and then a few times after.

Saturday morning I attempted to sleep in, but got up and cleaned up the house a bit. Eric came over and we grabbed some lunch, watched Superman II, and then edited some more. The film is edited minus opening and ending credits, music, and some music montage stuff. It is currenly just over 60 minutes. Then we headed off to see Tenth Hour Calling. Always a good show & very talented musicians. He dropped me off and I threw in "Bowling for Columbine". A very eye opening movies and still poses the question of whey there were 12k gun related murders in US in 03 and not even 100 in Canada.

This morning I'm off to church and then lunch with my friend Jessie and her daughter and maybe workout. A nap is in order as well... I need to finalize "Silence" as well. It is due at the end of this month for an early entry fee discount for the Hot Shops Film Festival.

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