Monday, July 25, 2005

What can I say?

What can I say about the weekend? It is over. It went too quickly - as always.

Saturday was spent filming. Around 2:30 we (Extreme Films & RoomMate Productions) headed to Reel People Models & Talent to hand pick some actors and actresses we specifically want to audition on the 3rd. They are casting for two films and we are casting for one.

After that Eric & I dropped by the bookstore we will be filming at next Saturday. I rented “The Notebook” and “Secret Window” that night. “Secret Window” was pretty bizarre. I thought a movie about a writer would be interesting – but now I think the life of a writer is a bit odd. I just hope I don’t get so involved in a story that I can’t tell reality from fiction.

Sunday I woke up late and didn’t make it to church. I cleaned up a bit and starting cooking spaghetti. Mike and his wife Kasey were coming to Omaha. Mike and I spent the afternoon rearranging my living room and catching up on our crazy lives. Doing laundry at your own house which is something I can get used to. The laundry ‘closet’ is right next to my bedroom.

Almost all unpacked, I have a few boxes in my bedroom and some in the basement. Something I can pick at for awhile. Now I just need to clean my old apartment this weekend. Not looking forward to that. Then finally I can have a ‘house party’ and continue on with Left Unsaid.

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