Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ahhh - long weekend...

Can't recall much what I did Friday other tham clean up my dining area so I can stack boxes left and right. Oh yeah, I replied to a bunch of bands who are interestd in supplying music for our soundtrack for the summer's films.

Today, Eric & I headed to meet Jill and her BF to sell her a few copies of "Halfway Point". We chatted a bit about the independent film industry here in Omaha. We parted ways and headed to The Bookworm to talk to Beth about filming there next Saturday. We ran some errands to Taco Bell, the bank, (drove by my new house), Wal*Mart, and then to the Nebraska Humane Society. The kittys are so cute and maybe one day I'll break down and go get one.

I then met up with Marc and he gave me a cd of some stills taken from last Sunday's shoot. Combine his pictures with Adam's and we got some great stuff!

Not sure what I'll do the rest of the day. Maybe pack a few more boxes or take a nap.

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