Monday, May 02, 2005

What a crazy weekend...

Friday night, Eric & I headed to 20 Grand to see "The Interpreter". The movie was okay. There was a scene in the middle of the movie that was better than the ending.
Saturday we went to Kinko’s to get dvd labels and dvd covers for "Halfway Point". The official release date will be May 10th. We met up with Lou & Bob at Scooters and showed them some locations for "Kitty Cats & Exit signs" and then we headed to Eric’s office and met some of the cast members for the script read through. That was a ton of fun! Since the girl playing Alyssa wasn’t there, I read her part. I did the best I could.

On Sunday I headed to church in hopes of refueling myself and of course, to see Kristy. I did both. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her (again) as I found some other fellow Wayne State graduates and by the time I was done talking to them (and promoting my book)... Kristy was gone. I’m not sure if I’ll be there next Sunday since I’ll be down to Lincoln for mother’s day.
After some laundry, Eric & I headed to our first shooting location to film the opening scene for "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs", It is a cool townhome that makes me wish I had a house.

Not much this week. Big month end reports for work. Helping a friend get hooked up with a computer and high speed internet. Get back to the gym. Finish a book I’m reading and eventually start on Left Unsaid.

We are filming Friday & Saturday, as far I know. I’ll have to post the production schedule on the "KC&ES" page. At least try & keep it updated.

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