Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tech toys & gadgets...

I hit it up at Best Buy and CompUSA yesterday helping a friend pick out a computer.

Oh boy... my mind went crazy imagining unlimited funds at those places to buy a bunch of tech "toys" I really don’t need, but I think my life would be easier. Add on all the accessories I could get which would that would rack up a high price. Then only comes learning how to use it all and fixing it if broken. That is a high price to pay for more headaches.

I brought my laptop with me as it is about ready to split into two pieces. The left side of the monitor popped up and is going to pop off completely one of the next few times I open it. Not looking forward to that day. At least I backed up everything on my flash drive last night. The book and screen plays and all my other crap is for now - safe.

Of course though, fixing my laptop would be pretty expensive and in the end, I may be better off buying a new one. My current one is five years old and doesn't even have a cable plug in. Since I work in an internet retailer in SEO and the affiliate program and have two sites of my own plus this blog, I should join the high speed band wagon. Don't you think?

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