Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Only Wednesday...?

Last night I went to Village Point to pick up two tickets for Star Wars III for Eric and I. The movie starts at 12:02am on the 17th. I’m excited. I grew up watching Star Wars almost once a week, I’d watch part of an episode. I don’t consider myself a sci-fi fan, but I like Star Wars.

So, after work tonight I’ll have to take a nap. But I don’t have time… I haven’t been able to work out for awhile, although my company just sent an email to everyone asking about joining a club and the company may help pay some of the fees which would help my mindset. I have a ton of papers to sift through to find some financial stuff the mortgage company needs before they can give me an approval letter. My filing system isn’t the best. Stack filing appears in Left Standing, but shouldn’t in my life!

This morning I headed down to the court house only to find they didn’t need me for jury duty (again). I had to be there to allow the judge to begin the trial in which the defendant decided to plead guilty. I’m off duty until Monday, I have to call Sunday and find out.

Looking at my ranking today, I could tell I sold at least one book. My ranking went from over 600k position to 161k. While waiting to see if I’d be needed for jury duty I sifted through my recent Writer’s Digest magazine. There are some many things in there I want to soak up. Almost overwhelming the variety of opportunities, tips, and resources it provides.

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