Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Been a crazy day...

No jury duty… but seems like I’m working a half day (which I am).

I’ve been out with my real estate agent from CBS Home looking at a house and two town homes. The house had a lot of problems with it. No wonder why the price was low priced for a big 5 bedroom house in a great location with awesome interior. The exterior reminds me of the movie "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

Currently, I’m crunching numbers to see if the town home would work. Sure it is high priced. But in the end, it is the way to go considering the newness, niceness (is that a word), location, two garages… (aka resale value) the only downfall is the lack of an extra bedroom to make into an office and/or a spare room for an additional roommate. Oh yeah, the downstairs isn’t finished, but it would make for a nice movie studio! Put a little movie set in there – haha!

So, I "think" it is doable if they don’t laugh at my offer. Both town homes… the guy wants to move quickly and I can move quickly with my lease. So we’ll see if moving quickly will motivate him and/or him enough to accept my offer!

I guess I’ll know if the next couple days. I put a non-offer thought out there (via my buyer agent to the seller agent) as bait to see how much bite there is. Wow – that reads confusing I’m sure, but I know what I mean.

Stay tuned...

Now I can relax and go to Julio's!

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