Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Looks like you

I took some of my writing notes with me to lunch to 'work on' at a nearby restaurant. (The same restaurant as this blog post).

I was promptly seated and a blond waitress (let's call her Jessica) came to take my drink order. Jessica proceeds to bring my drink, I take a sip, and give her my food order. I ordered a sandwich & substituted the fries for a $.50 up charge to some broccoli cheddar soup. It sounded good and I don't even like broccoli. It was in fact, good soup!

About five minutes later, Jessica walks by and asks, "have you been helped yet?"
"Yes," I replied, "I ordered the chicken sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup - will the soup be out first?"
"Who was your waitress? Was she blond?"
"Umm yeah, she looks like you."
"Oh?" Jessica proceeded to check her computer for my order, realizes she thought I wanted broccoli on my sandwich and not the soup. She brings me my soup with no up charge and a minute later my sandwich.

(Blogger's note: The blond references isn't to say, "she was blond and dumb" but more because when she asked what my waitress looked like, it seemed like she was describing herself because none of the other waitresses were blond.)

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