Monday, April 06, 2009

Wisdom teeth and a new fridge...

On Friday, at 8am I had my four wisdom teeth extracted. The procedure only took about an hour. I remember it like a dream, I wasn't all the way knocked out. I was pretty swollen for the next six hours. After that (with pain killers) I was feeling pretty good. With the help of my dad, sister, and brother-in-law - I had company for Friday. I dosed in & out while watching four movies.

Saturday I slept in - I needed that. Some good friends brought over a basket of foods that I could eat including cheesecake (thanks guys). It was around that time I learned my refrigerator (the one that I gained when I bought the house) and had a faulty compressor, the part of which would be costly and I didn't even know how old the fridge was. So, I was off to buy a new fridge with a good friend along to help me pick a good one.

Luckily, I know someone that works at NFM who hooked me up with a deal, the only problem was the fridge wouldn't arrive until Sunday after 3. The old fridge sorta still worked, some things were cold enough to keep, but I did end up tossing a bunch of stuff.

On Sunday, after the movers took my old fridge and installed my new fridge, I was off to the grocery store. I didn't buy a whole lot because I can't eat a whole lot at the moment.

My jaw is sore and has been since Sunday. I'm looking forward to eating regular foods again.

I tried to keep people updated on my FaceBook during the ordeal. I received a lot of "been there done that" & "good luck" & "get lots of rest".

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