Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still kicking...

Yes, I'm still alive & kicking. Haven't come up with anything blog worthy.

Here is a bunch of random stuff...
Played some wii at Adam's the other night, I didn't do so well. We watched RMP's film, "Wednesday" which he was one of the main actors. I think he liked it!

I really need to make an ultimate list of all my to-dos and side projects, prioritize and schedule them out. I need to do something that will keep me productive.

Set up the hammock and took a swing on Saturday & Sunday. Just what the doctor ordered.

I get to have my wisdom teeth pulled in a few weeks. Not looking forward to that.

Been listening to a book on CD for work that I picked up at Borders for a good price. Makes traveling go by quick. A good book, lots of information to remember.

I've been searching pictures of finished basements on Google Images to try and get ideas of what I might like to do with my basement - kind of addicting - lots of options.

I'm anxious for the new Jars of Clay CD to come out as well as seeing them live again.

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