Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What does Chad need?

As an update to a blog post I made a few years back...
I did that thing where you go to Google and search for "[Your Name] needs". Here's what I got.

Chad Needs Money to Buy Weapons (Chad's Gun Shop is open for business)
Chad NEEDS another beer. (Nah, I'm craving orange juice right now)
Chad Needs to be in the Game (what game?)
Chad needs a blog (I have one, well a few actually)
Chad needs urgent aid to avert tragedy (I do?)
Chad needs a cat (I have one)
CHAD NEEDS A GOOD HOME (I have one, thank you)
Chad Needs Strong Protection Force (can I rent a Jedi?)
Chad needs to read better (tell me about it, you should see my bookshelves)
Chad needs to combat poverty, end conflicts to (I'll do my best)
Chad Needs A Job (I have one, thanks though)
Chad needs this pic (what pic?)

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