Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chad's series of unfortunate events...

With coupon in hand, I walked into a sub-sandwich type place. Before ordering my sandwich, I was told they weren't set up for my coupon. This, despite the name on the coupon matched the restaurant name & it wasn't expired. At that point, a discussion wasn't worth having over the dollar I wasn't saving. I was too hungry.

The guy making the sandwich repeated my order to confirm. Then once grabbing the bread he asked again which kind of sandwich and what I wanted on it. The cashier (who was close enough to hear all this) asked what I ordered so she could ring it up. Mind you I was the only customer in line. Once the sandwich was done with the first step the cashier asked what I wanted on it so she could finish and wrap it up.

I said I'd like the combo with soup. While punching the order into the cash register, I heard the cashier quietly say, "Combo with soup". The cashier rang in chips and asked what chips I wanted. (no, I'm not making this up - truth is stranger than fiction)

Twice I was asked if I wanted it to go or stay. I said stay and the cashier repeated stay. (I know I'm hard to understand sometimes - but they two employees heard me right.) And so, despite this desire to stay and eat, I was given my order in a to-go bag.

So, I didn't save $1, my sandwich wasn't that great, the soup was okay.
To top it off, the fountain drink I wanted spit out a watered down version that I had to dump out. I was nice enough to tell them that the diet Pepsi was out, they promptly fixed that.

While eating, a group of three came into the restaurant with coupons in hand - all to be told their coupon was no good there. One guy looked pretty mad, I thought he might leave. He didn't.

I eventually left. Maybe I'll email corporate. Would you?

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