Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can I get my drink?

I was out running errands over lunch so I dropped by a different fast food place than yesterday for lunch - via drive through.

I ordered my meal with drink of choice. It was repeated back to me along with the price. Once I got to the window, I was asked what drink I had ordered. A moment later I was handed only my sack and told, "Have a good day." Still without my drink.

I then asked for my drink and it was eventually handed to me without a 'sorry'. The disgusted look on the cashier's face when I asked for it made me feel bad for asking, although I know it shouldn't have.

I should have started a blog for all the things that happen to me when ordering.
Maybe I could have gotten a book deal out of it. "The life & times of my experience ordering at fast food restaurants - where truth is stranger than fiction."

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