Thursday, August 28, 2008

Third Day...

Last night, I headed to Lincoln for the Nebraska State Fair to see a free Third Day concert.

I met up with my roommate who already had a great place in line. Once they let people in, we made it all the way to the front row!

Since Third Day has a new album out which I haven't gotten yet, they played songs from that CD. So I didn't know all the songs very well. As usual, they did play some songs I do know including "God of Wonders" as one of their encore songs.

Of course it was a good show, despite them not playing some songs I would have requested. I haven't see 'em live for a few years.

One cool thing my roommate & I noticed was a cop stationed in front of us singing along & taking pictures.

Speaking of pics, here is one from my professional camera (aka cell phone)

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