Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving... again...

Alas, I am never content with my area of the (work) office. I've since given up how many times I've moved. (Last blog about moving)

With some recent shifting of people around the office, I am once again going to be moving cubes. The positive thing about this move is that I'll get a big window (again) that overlooks the courtyard.

In other 'related' news:

I'm still trying to get a 'good' permanent home office area set up. My little side consulting business is starting to pick up. I'm finishing up a project for one client, meanwhile I received another inquiry for my services. In addition, I have one who plans to contact me in a couple weeks after he can focus on what he needs to do to increase traffic. Check out 'Bring' the Traffic website consulting.

All I need is a big desk area, surrounded by very little clutter, and a good amount of organization in some room in my house where I'm not easily distracted.

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