Monday, July 21, 2008

Be invisible...

Growing up, my mom had this simple saying, "be invisible" to my sister and I when we would go outside and play. To this day, my sister & I (nor my dad) quite understand the logic.

She says, "After traffic accidents, the driver always says, 'He came out of no where. I didn't see him.'"

So our argument was, "well, if we are invisible then they won't see us and hit us." Then we'd proceed to scratch our head in further confusion.

What my mom means is (we'll... we think.), play/ride your bike/be careful so no one ever has to say, "I didn't see him/her".

(Thanks for the history bit Chad, what is the point of this blog?)

So, today I was shopping at Best Buy & Target. They are close by work & I had some prices to check. I must have been invisible because at both places, I was on my side of the aisle browsing items, minding my own business & was positioned far enough one side to allow shoppers with a shopping cart room to get by. Both places, I got hit, not hard, but after the second time I decided to find a mirror to make sure I was alive & at least I could see myself.

Getting hit once isn't odd, but twice on the same day, within the same our? That is odd.

I imagine those customers talking to the security guard, "That shopper came out of no where and I hit him."

I imagine my mom saying, "See what I mean?" Then I can hear my internal thoughts. No mom, I still don't get it. I was there, the shoppers saw me, hit me, and only one said 'excuse me'.

Insert joke about being a superhero here _______.
By day, Chad is a mild-mannered blogger.
At night, he is The Invisible Man

Let me know if this is an invisble blog or not.

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Anonymous said...

So, I'm reading Harry Potter fanfiction, while the movie The Invisible is on my TV (a very good movie if I do say so myself.) I look on google search for a picture of the main character in the movie. I thought his name was chad (which I know now it's Justin) so I search "Chad the invisible". Well the picture that you have at the bottom of this post came up. I clicked on it, and being the curious person I am, I read the blog entry. :D

I would like to tell you this really made me smile. And even laugh a little bit. :D

I guess the reason why I am taking time out of my reading and picture searching to tell you this is because I feel I should let you know the blog wasn't invisible. :D

Christin "andhearts" "Turdlock"