Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally took another vacation...

I was able to squeeze in a vacation these last five days, even if that meant I was with my parents. Some good R&R was found along the way.

Since my sister got married on April 19th (in Lincoln), there was a belated wedding celebration in Florida.

Thursday morning, at an early early hour, my parents and I boarded a flight with a layover in Atlanta. Ahead of me in the flight to Orlando was a guy that had 2009 Disney tattoos.

We arrived in Orlando and picked up our rental car. A two door PT Cruiser convertible.

We were off to Campus Crusade headquarters for lunch and to meet with my sister and Scott and to see where we were staying. That evening we saw their mother-in-law house.

Friday morning, Pops and I headed to Epocot to take in the experience and the heat. One highlight of the trip was riding a Segway. I think I might want one!

Saturday, we all got a chance to sleep in and head to the wedding reception. Most of the people there I didn't know, but it gave my sister a chance to wear her dress again. That night we all celebrated my mom's upcoming birthday since we were all together. I had compiled a bunch of notes from people that know my mom. My sister put 'em together and we presented it.

Sunday, Mother's Day. I left a mother's day card for my mom to see firs thing in the morning. We took off for lunch at Angie/Scott's, We headed out for a hour boat ride around lake Virginia, and then headed off to Cocoa Beach and had dinner at Fishlips.

Monday morning, the flight was early, but we made it back!

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Extreme Films said...

Glad you got to see some of what I LOVE. Walt Disney World.! Also, you got to meet George, the most Disney tattoo'd guy in the world....nice a very nice guy. I had to chance to meet him myself. Hope all else is wlel,

LOU :o)