Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Only true today...

My name is Thad Brought and I live in an apartment in Lincoln. I'm 21, I have a younger brother named Andy. I work construction during the day and bartend at night. I dislike writing and I read all the books I buy, but I hate bookstores. I drive a truck and I have recently taken up golf. I'm a fan of boxing and I smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. I dislike movies and the internet. My favorite restaurant is Long John Silvers. I stay up with the latest fashion trends. My hair is never messed up. I think having a goatee would make me look goofy. I don't wear glasses and I am 5'6" tall. I think anyone who blogs has too much time on their hands.

Oh yeah, I'm married, I have a dog and my wife is expecting our third child!

(Happy April Fool's day)!

1 comment:

Renzer said...

PUNK!!! says the evil remi!