Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cigarettes or no?

I stopped off at the convenience store on the way to work to get some early morning caffeine and break my five dollar bill.

This is the same convenience store I've been to on my way to work or over lunch off & on for the past year or so. Each time I have one of three cashiers, a woman or two different guys.

Today, when I went to the counter, the woman looked at me and asked, "Cigarettes, or no?"

It stuck me that as many times as I've been in, I've never bought cigarettes (to the best of my knowledge). Given... I know many many customers come in, but I thought by now she'd recognize me by now, or even know my name. Then maybe I'm not an "official regular". It took the Half Price bookstore about 2 weeks to recognize my frequency. Hmm – maybe I was hoping the convenience store would be my Cheers too. Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name.

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Renzer said...

that is frustrating.. but trust me, to have them know you are the book store, is a far better high in my world!!!! love it!