Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two words you should never hear in the same sentence...

1. Chad
2. dance or dancing

A few years back, Eric heard about a production company needing some background extras on the set of their film, "Imitation Life". So, Eric & I emailed our cast members and headed to Club Nico for an all evening shoot. We are all about helping out other independent film production companies.

Well, the extras coordinator sent Eric to mingle with some people around some club chairs and pointed at me to remain on the dance floor. Umm… yeah, what were they thinking? Oddly enough, that wasn’t the worst part... you see, the scene involved dialogue, SO... there couldn’t be live music playing while dialogue was occurring. Which meant yours truly... who can’t dance... and is a bit rhythmically "challenged"... had to dance without any music. This process went on take after take until the filmmaker was satisfied. I had to wonder if they would have to cut all the scenes where you could see me in the background.

So, tonight at the Omaha Film Festival I got to find out. Sure enough, I saw myself in that scene way too many times. I also saw Eric and RMP alumni Catherine Giles in the film.

Read the post from that film shoot back in Oct 05

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Annie said...

Chad that's awesome!!! :) I wish I would have had more details about the festival. Is it still going on?