Sunday, February 03, 2008

Remember the good old days of...

(I recently opened a fortune cookie... it read, "An admirer is too shy to greet you at the moment.")
I could go for having a secret admirer (after the low-female ratio at the speed dating event), but hopefully she wouldn't remain shy forever.

Under the shield of anonymity:
Ahh... secret admiration... you know, days before Internet/email (read (MySpace/ FaceBook)?
I'm talking about the days where you took a round-a-bout way to be anonymous - well, anonymous the best you could. Leaving a note, sending flowers - signing it, ~ Your Secret Admirer. actually provides instructions...

If I recall, I received one of those notes at school and one where I used to volunteer, but I never found out who either was.

I'll admit sending one back in my day, a poem (sent anonymous of course) - probably my best poem ever. Once I revealed myself, I learned she only wanted to remain friends, meanwhile dating "the biggest jerk ever" as she refers to him now.

Did you ever receive an anonymous secret admirer note/gift?
Did you ever give an anonymous secret admirer note/gift?
How did either work out?
Are you secretly admirering someone now?

I may have to put in an instance into my next book... for old times sake.

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