Friday, January 11, 2008

Movies, birthdays, rest, and 2008...

This weekend is scheduled to go by quickly with movies to watch, a birthday party to attend, some rest to catch up on, some bills to pay, and some grocery shopping to do.

I must continue on with my 2008 resolutions. Write 'em down in stone, or in my case – pen.

  • One is to catch up with old friends I haven't talked to for awhile. I've emailed a few this past week that I haven't talked to for several months – I haven't heard back from 'em – yet.

  • Another is to follow-up with potential 'Bring' the Traffic clients that were interested in talking to me in early 2008.

  • Another is to read a book-a-month. HA (I can hear my friends laughing at that). My over-flowing bookshelves look at me with pity.
    I have to think about it this way... writer's read, it does help – sparks a whole flow of ideas.
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