Monday, January 21, 2008

Browse but you can’t buy - yet...

Over lunch I dropped by the new Half Price Bookstore, opening Feb 18th.

Right now, they are buying books, cds/records, dvd/vhs and maybe some other stuff.
They aren't selling until they officially open on Feb 18th. That meant that while they were looking over the books I wanted to sell, I had some extra time to browse the bookstore, but I couldn't buy anything. This is partly healthy for me, except I found a few books I want for around $5 each, not to mention they are giving out coupons which will make my book buying even more affordable – coupons aren't valid until they are officially open.

I can see myself 'dropping by' this bookstore a few times a week, after all – it is close to work.

Sure enough all the employees will know me by name. Maybe I'll be so frequent that I can work there over my lunch hour or maybe I can get a line of credit and pay my ‘tab' when it reaches $100. But really, I don't plan on buying that many because right now I'm trying to de-clutter my house from vhs, cds, and books.

It will be my weekly treasure hunting. As more people go their to sell their books, I will have new items to sift through each week...

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