Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Late night shopping...

This weekend Mike & I headed out to the 'supercenter' to get some items. Half of his shopping list was in his hand, the other half in his head – neither stopped him from picking up some extra things. He was hungry, more so than I was.

It is uncommon for me to grocery shop for a family. Mike and his wife have a few kids. My fridge contains enough for me and my cupboard holds cat food and treats. My treats are on top of the fridge.

I am not sure I have visited the formula and baby food aisle before. Some of the products sounded undesirable. Some sounded okay, if I was under the age of one.

I reflected on the days when we would head to the store to get pop, chips and other get-together type food items.

Life changes in a decade, more so for him than me – but still... changes. We reflected on the curveballs life has thrown our way.
We contrasted the items I normally get from the items he was getting.
I got a box of 40 sheets of Bounce fabric softener while he picked up a box of 100 or 200.
He picked up four gallon jugs of milk - I picked up a half gallon jug.

What Mike owed after checkout was substantially more than my half gallon of milk, oranges, coffee, and pop.
His cart was full and my hands were easily carrying what I bought.

I am not sure how long everything he bought will last them, hopefully awhile.
But for me, I have a few oranges left, the coffee is at work and I have yet to open the 12-pack.

Is there a point to Chad's ramblings you ask?
There may be. Think about your close friends how how much your lives and your relationships have changed depending on how long you have known them. You may think of more instances and examples than you ever realized.

Compare & contrast and appreciate how unique everyone's life is!

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