Monday, September 24, 2007

About 71 hours...

I took Friday off.

My girlfriend Sarah flew to Omaha from Denver after a 2 hour drive from Laramie after working until midnight. Coffee managed to fuel her alertness. I consumed a morning soda.
From Friday morning until Monday morning (about 71 hours) – I showed her the sights and sounds of my town. She had her first Runza. She met some friends and family and my cat. She got to tour Old Market, Lincoln, and my house.

We went out to eat. We caught a movie. I cooked and she lives to tell about it. We even got our pics taken in a photo booth at a mall.
A total of three bookstores were visited, but to my surprise (and yours) I didn't buy any books. Ted & Wally's ice cream shop served me a yummy pumpkin pie flavored ice cream in a waffle cone.

She saw the hospital where I was born, the house I grew up in, and the school I graduated from. She even got to see where I currently work – both my full-time job office and my home office.

We took a swing in my hammock and had a chat on my deck.

She flew back home today with a handful of souvenirs and another handful of memories.

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SarahC said...

... and a sad, sad heart that I had to leave ...