Friday, August 03, 2007


7 years ago, I bought my first laptop. The intention was to write my first book.
It fell apart about 5 years later and I bought a new one. This new one worked out well for film editing.
Two weeks ago the motherboard decided to have issues and it became what I call a 'paperweight'. I picked it back up from the shop (yesterday) that told me it would cost more to fix than get a new one.
Today at work, the delivery guy brought my third laptop – third for a long time I hope.

It doesn't look as jazzed up as my last one, but is functional (a working motherboard) and has some other ad ons.

So, now I can look forward to setting up everything, customizing, installing, coping files from my external drive and getting back up to speed.

Technology is great – when it works.

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