Friday, August 10, 2007

My blogs...

My blogs lately have been far and few between. I've been blogging these past few years to keep me consistently writing and as a way to have a vague journal of my life and times since I signed up and joined the blogging bandwagon.

Tonight I spent time reading Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee. I started this book before it was released to the public. During that time I was working my full-time job, a consulting job, and gearing up for a third feature film. Now that the consulting job is done and the feature is on hold, I'm able to give my full attention to this book and I'm glad I am. This book is fantastic. Intriguing. Even though it is 'speculative fiction' there is a ton of truth in those pages.

I'm happy to be helping Tosca promote this book. Reading it also gives me the itch to write more. Tomorrow at her book signing at The Bookworm (1-3) I can quiz her her on some of her writing techniques. I'm tired, but I really want to finish it before I meet up with her again.

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