Sunday, August 12, 2007

Better every time...

I browsed my DVD collection and popped in "The Last Kiss" (both the original and remake). This is the fourth time I've seen the remake. Each time it seems to get better and I catch great lines or scenes that I don't recall before.

"The world is moving so fast now that we start freaking long before our parents did because we don't ever stop to breathe anymore."

"Don't try and edit my life just because you are unhappy with yours."

A film worth checking out if you haven't already seen it. If you have, give it another watch.

The Last Kiss


Renzer said...

Great minds think alike... guess what I watched before nap time yesterday... The remake. I have been listening to the soundtrack 24/7 in the car, and I have found the more I listen to the soundtrack, how much I really enjoy it. fabulous movie! The photo posted it one of my fav. scenes. love the setting of the sandwich on a plate out there for him.

If...ιγένεια said...

nice movie.. my english are pretty bad ;p by bye