Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Most important meal of the day?

I had my morning Cheerios, but I needed a pick-me-up, so I pulled into the convenience store on the way to work for an early morning soda – the intention was coffee, but didn't sound good once I walked in.

I picked up a 20oz diet Dr. Pepper with a $.50 off coupon. The man ahead of me had a 40oz Budweiser with a tired look on his face. I looked my watch, 7:02am and double checked the bottle in his hand – yes, still beer. The clerk didn't even do a double take as he scanned and took the man's money. I now picture him sitting down with eggs, bacon, sausage, some pancakes and his beer watching Tuesday morning cartoons.

I'm not saying my pop buy was great for breakfast; I rationalized it with my bowl of Cheerios a half hour earlier. But beer for breakfast?

Guess not every one has the same type of pick-me-up...

Doubt I'll try 'Cocaine'...
According to the makers of Cocaine — which will soon be renamed — the drink provides its cocaine-like energy boost by containing more caffeine than any other energy drink.

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