Monday, May 07, 2007

Back to Monday...

This weekend I had the intention to clean the house. Well, even with good intentions it didn't all done. Does it ever really get done?

I spent some time in Lincoln, one of my long-time friends turned thirty and there was a surprise party for him at my old church. It has been so long since I've seen him that my visit was the first time I met his son.
While at my parents' house, I turned my dad's garage into 'Pops Express Lube' and completed an overdue oil change. Is your car overdue?
I also had time to drop by Mike's and see my Godson and Mike's twins.
Finally, I dropped off to see Grandma. Last time I was in town, she requested to read what I had written so far on my current book. She lives in a retirement home, so hopefully reading my story (so far) will keep her busy.

At church, Phil Vischer came to talk. He is the creator of Veggie Tales. He talked about the rise and fall of his part in the creation of Veggie Tales, his book, and what God taught him in the process. Once the talk is on the church's mp3 page, I'll update this post.

Now, I'm still thinking about cleaning my house prior to the arrival of my house guest this week.

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