Sunday, April 15, 2007

A boxed lunch and a couch...

I slept in this morning.

Usually, on Sundays I'm up early for church. At Christ Community, there is a new service called 'The Gathering' - Church: relational, relaxed and relevant.

I walked into the student center where it was taking place. For $5, I picked up a box lunch along with a water. I found a couch and made myself at home. The MC of 'the gathering' opened with few annoucements. The pastor came and read from the Bible and shared a short message. Some praise songs were sang. Finally, a question and answer session ended 'the gathering'.
From the site: Gathering's not like typical church. There are no hard pews, no long sermons, no suits and ties. Not even bad coffee in Styrofoam cups. Gathering has real people asking real questions about life and God. There's relevant teaching, contemporary music and friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere.

I think I'll go again. Hopefully, I can bring some people with me.

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