Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Batteries included...

On my morning drive to work, I passed a delivery truck for a battery company. I'm sure I saw it right, although odd – there was printing on the truck that said, "AAA Batteries, we'll delivery and install"... So, of course, I thought to myself, how hard is it to install AAA batteries and why would you need them delivered?

So, my mind wandered to another off-the-wall type company of my own:
Pat on the Back, Inc.
"Call us any time you or someone you know needs a pat on the back. Great for you new promotion, retirement or graduation. Financing available. If we aren't there in one hour, we'll say, "Great job" for free! Toot your own horn, make sure your co-workers know you are doing a great job! Call us now!"

(Disclaimer: Yes, I know AAA is the service and not the battery type)


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious!

Adam said...

I was thinking of a liquor and beer delivery service.