Friday, October 27, 2006

An hour and a half...

The CD player in my car 'ate' my Stephanie Pilypaitis CD, so since my car is still under warranty - I gave my new firends at Greg Young a visit.

Their customer lounge area had internet access which really made the wait for them to 'fix my car' go quickly. I was able to sift through my amazon wish list and make more choices - a very addicting thing to do. I also found my book on eBay. The seller claims to have 25 copies, I emailed to inquire.

An hour and a half after waiting, I got my car back - washed, but no new player. They have to order it. I'll get it next week, in the meantime - I still have sanity with my current radio, but no CD player.

The question... why was I there for an hour and a half if they didn't even install a new CD player? Was it worth all that time to just get my car washed?

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