Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th...


This weekend involves RMP stuff, helping Jenn with the last bit of moving, and Alyssa's bday party. I got her some cool stuff, I think she'll like it. Last year I got her a battery operated little fur puppy. The batteries came separate and for whatever reason - she seemed to really dig the battery pack. (you really can't go wrong with a pack of AA batteries)

I'm not a fan of this cold Omaha weather, maybe my sister would let me crash with her in Florida through the winter. Then again, work is keeping me busy, I don't think I could be gone that long - I'd miss Jenn & the boys too much anyway! I'll get there sometime Angie!

I need to get back into my photography.
I need to get back into Left Standing. Any inspiring ideas?
RMP really needs to finish the dvds.
And sometime... I... must... get... some... rest...

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