Friday, August 18, 2006

Quick weekend...

There is a wide range of items on my agenda this weekend. That means the weekend will go by quickly and I'll be right back to work and I will barely have time to work on Left Unsaid.

Last night, I 'attempted' to put the chair together. The instructions were simple, but as my luck flows – something always seems to go wrong. And just as I expected – something did.

The lever to recline doesn't exactly work like it should. You can still sit and it is comfortable, but any movement you make, moves everything else. I think I know how to 'fix it' – only I need to go see one that is properly put together to make sure I have it right. I found a spot in my living room. I'll have to rearrange furniture later.

Sunday, is a film premiere for a movie Eric was in. Should be interesting going to someone else's premiere.
My dad has a birthday this weekend, so I'll have to give him a shout-out on the blog he doesn't read - as far as I know.

Happy Friday!

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