Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good but needs improvement...

After work last night, I headed to the Nebraska Writer’s Workshop. Since the writing class I was supposed to take got canceled again, I was able to find this workshop (and it is free!) I went last Wednesday, but didn’t get a chance to read my current work-in-progress. So, last night there was enough time for me to read chapter one of Left Unsaid.

After reading it, we went around the room and each writer (14 of ‘em) there read from their notes what they liked about it, didn’t like, and suggested changes and/or ideas. WOW! I was surprised by some of their answers – both good and bad.

What was funny is a few writers mentioned the same line from the chapter... some liked it, some didn’t, some didn’t 'get it', and others provided a small change in wording. I think I'm going to go with the wording change.

Quotes from the night:
One woman said, "I absolutely love your writing style."
Another said, "your concept is intriguing – can’t wait to hear more."
Another said, "you need to reevaluate your narration point of view."

With all their notes in my manuscript binder, along with editing notes I made before the workshop, and notes I took as they read their notes - I have much work to do and it is only chapter one. Great feedback. Great critique and just what I wanted (and it is free - did I mention that already?)!

I’ll admit, I left a bit frustrated, but I’m excited to take my notes to my computer and make the changes I need to make. I need to ignore some comments because in the end – it is still my book.

My writing point-of-view is going to be tricky. I want the fact that the reader can get into the mind of both characters in the same chapter. I’ll have to smooth that out a bit more so it is clear whose head you are in...

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome to get feedback as you go and from others in the trade! I'm proud of you!