Saturday, July 29, 2006

Long day, hot day, but good day...

As usual on Saturdays, I wake up at 8 because my body thinks it is time to go to work.
I went to Mary's book Exchange to see what new bargain books I could get. Nothing piqued my interest.

Around 12:30, I met up with Marc of King Penguin Productions and we headed to the Omaha Screenwriting Workshop - a very diverse group of people that discuss the ups and downs and screenwriting and bring a few select pages from a script they are working on - we read through it and critique it. A good place to network as well. Since my writing class was canceled (again) I met up with a few folks with the Nebraska Writers Group (stay tuned for the link) which takes place on the night I was going to have classes, plus, it is free!

After the workshop, Marc and I and another fellow headed downtown - Marc & I took some pics. We hit a used bookstore and I found Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg - a writing book I've been trying to find at a good price. You can't beat $1.50. A few more pics and another used bookstore later, we headed to Famous Daves.

Our third wheel went his way and Marc and I headed to Borders (for all you folks out there counting, that is bookstore #4 for me today) - he was in search of a screenwriting book by Lew Hunter.
(and yes, Left Standing was still on the shelf)

Now, I'm tired, a bit burned, and my feet are sore.

At least tomorrow is a day of rest...


Anonymous said...

It's not "peaked" your interest, it's "piqued". As an author, I thought you should know.

Chad said...