Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chad needs...

Searching Google - "Chad Needs" (these are the results)

  • Chad needs a committed family that could provide him with a stable and loving environment.
  • Chad needs integrated response
  • Chad 'needs oil money for arms
  • Chad needs you to call him
  • Chad needs to find [a] higher gear
  • Chad needs another start
  • Chad needs a RPG to play
  • Chad needs to find his SNES emulator (huh?)
  • Chad needs a Sugar Momma (my favorite)
  • Chad needs to be rescued somehow
  • Chad Needs Money to Buy Weapons (huh?)
  • Chad Needs you
  • Chad needs to get permission from the local authorities to allow the team from Um Dukhun to start a project
  • Chad needs help managing oil money (please?)
  • Chad needs more support to manage its new oil revenues (duh)
  • Chad needs to let loose, and date a care-free girl (heck yeah)
  • Chad needs to get more competitive (yeah yeah yeah)
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    Anonymous said...

    hilarious! What prompted that search??