Monday, May 15, 2006

Reoccurring dream...

I’m almost ready to graduate from Wayne State, but I have to pass English/Literature that I keep skipping. Clearly a Tuesday/Thursday class. The class itself is a replica of a classroom at Lincoln East High.
I haven’t read the last 3 assignment books nor taken the related tests. The test is handed out by the teacher, by the time I get a copy – everyone else has finished. I’m in the front so I can’t cheat by filling in the answers as the class goes over them.
If I don’t pass, then I can’t graduate and I’ll have to take the class over the summer, but I have no place to live in Wayne. The apartment I had there has been turned into some type of pharmacy.

I've had bits of this dream for the last six years. The fact that it is an English class bugs me.

Can anyone interpret what this all means?

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