Tuesday, May 02, 2006

All about the aperture...

So, I brought my camera to work with me today. There are a few camera experts here.

I was still trying to figure out why it was so dark when I looked through the camera to take a picture. Of all the buttons and stuff on the camera, one co-worker pointed out that the aperture was set to the lowest (aka darkest) setting. We moved it up and sure enough, I could see through it and actually see what I was shooting.

The only thing about this camera is the auto-focus. It will auto-focus, but not take the pic. But oh well, what can I expect from a camera off eBay?

I spent about 25 minutes with one of my clients last night. I'm helping him with a video he wants to put on his site as well as the site itself - marketing wise. I felt all professional with my hand-free headset sitting in my office on my computer taking business at 9pm. I have another client I'll be working with mid-month.

Of course, the above is taking me away from working on my book and my new website. I haven't been able to clone myself yet, that would take some more time to figure out - time I don't have. (yes, I think I'm funny)

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