Sunday, April 30, 2006

A quiet night...

It is a quiet night at the house tonight. I have no clue where the 'roommates' are... I usually never do.

I finally got my camera in the mail, it has some issues - I expected issues with it, but hoped there wouldn't be any. I work close to a mom & pop camera shop, so I'll see what they think.

Today seemed like a long day since I spent 8 hours in STOP class. One 'kid' fell asleep in the front row, he happened to be the only one that scored low. Being a driver in Omaha, the class was a good refresher! Although, I had a million other things I could have been doing.

Saturday was good. I got two naps in, plus hung with Mike, Kasey, and the godson! I took some pics of him, I hope they turn out. keeps exceeding its bandwidth limit, I'm not sure why. I don't think enough people go to the site in a day.

This week:
  • May day!
  • "24"/"How I met your mother"/"Scrubs"
  • Eric & Angie's baby - I'd assume
  • My friend Jonathan's birhtday (expect a shout-out)
  • Left Unsaid - ya never know
  • Who knows what else...
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    Angela Dwight said...

    Let's hope the baby comes sometime this week! That would be a nice addition to the week!