Monday, April 24, 2006

My so-called organized life...

First an update:
Friday night: Hung at home
Saturday: Helped Eric & Angie move, cleaned, and slept
Sunday: Filmed in the wee hours of the morning, took a huge nap, and rearranged my bedroom to be more like an office.

I finally feel somewhat organized. My room is so that I think my head can be clear enough to begin what I really want to do – write book 2 and work on my websites.
After moving around furniture, tossing away a ton of papers, stacking a bookshelf, and sifting through tubs of stuff – I have what I set out to have when I first moved in. Only, at the time – it wouldn’t have worked.
I found some old pics of Gramp and I – along with some notes he wrote.

I still have more in the basement and closet to sift through, but all in all – it feels great to be this organized. I even had time to hang up some posters and various other pictures.

What’s next?
Early stages of character names, locations, plot twists for book #2.
Building a new website.
Donating clothes to Goodwill, taking books to the book exchange, and seeing what I can get for CDs I don’t listen to.

It feels like I’m starting a new chapter... after all, I turn 29 in a month. Ahhh... another year.

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