Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cool breeze...

My bedroom window is open and the back window is open which is creating a nice draft in my house. I could sit here all day (on the couch in the living room with the computer on the coffee table). Did I mention the ceiling fan too?

But - I must go to work.

2 shout outs:
Shout out to Mike for coming up and helping me set up my new entertainment center. Filling it with dvds and tapes (yes, I still have some) and cds may turn out to be fun. I'm a weird organized person like that. This means my big book shelf is free so I can re-open 'The Library of Chad'.

...another shout out to Deb (and her husband Eric) for supplying the entertainment center as a way to get rid of stuff in your house and get organized yourself! I feel like I should owe you more for it.


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